As the leading appliance service and repair company in the Maricopa Valley, our licensed, factory-trained technicians are committed to providing quick and efficient appliance repairs.

Same Day Service

Our highly trained licensed technicians are ready for same day service on your appliance repair.

Quality Appliance Repair

Over 20 years, Urban Appliance Repair has earned a reputation for detail, honesty, integrity, and reliability. We focus on quality service and dependability at the most affordable price.

Locally Owned and Operated

Urban Appliance Repair is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves on building a great team of experts ready to serve your appliance needs.

Your Convenience is Our Priority

Appliances are an essential requirement of modern living.

Our homes are full of high utility appliances that make our life a lot easier. Can you imagine what a regular day would be like if you did not have a refrigerator a vacuum cleaner, a stove, or an air conditioner? Well, that is the power of appliances in our lives. Whether you have a large mansion or a small apartment, you need a certain number of appliances to live comfortably. They bring convenience to our lives by providing fast and efficient outcomes to shorten the time of daily chores. We simply cannot live without appliances!

What our clients say

My fridge quit working overnight and I called them on a Saturday afternoon to see if they could help. Ilya answered right away and came out within a few hours. He was able to determine it was a bad relay, replaced my fridge works and the stress is gone from my weekend again! Fair price for quick service with a warranty. Highly recommend!!

Lorie Albert

When my dishwasher broke, I called Ilya at Urban Appliance Repair. Ilya arrived on time, did a thorough examination of the problem, and explained the issue in easy-to-understand language. We had had a slight miscommunication earlier in the process but Ilya listened closely, provided excellent customer service, and made the situation right. I recommend him highly!

David Messer

When my refrigerator melted down, Ilya showed up on a Sunday! worked quickly to diagnose my problem and was happy to discuss options. He was willing to discuss brands with me as I was concerned about repairs in a short time, and helped me make the better decision about not spending for a new unit. Not only that, he always asks me if he should remove his shoes before he even enters my house, and he is polite. He cleans up after himself. Top notch. You won't go wrong with Urban Appliance Repair.

Victoria Powell
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Washers, Dryers, Ranges – Gas & Dual Fuel

Cooktops, Stoves – Gas & Electric

Ovens – Gas & Electric,

Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Freezers,

Ice Makers, Dishwashers,

Garbage Disposals, Washer And Dryer

Laundry Stackable Units

We accept cash, check and major credit cards
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